Brief summary
The concept of an Aggregated Scale Morphological Interaction between Tidal basin and Adjacent coast (ASMITA) was first proposed by Marcel Stive and co-workers at TU Delft. The first Matlab version of ASMITA was developed by Tjerk Zitman at TU Delft. Work by Zheng Bing Wang and colleagues also at TU Delft further developed the model and set out the basis of model parameterisation. As part of the Estuaries Research Program Phase 2 (ERP2), funded by the Environment Agency and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (part of project FD2107) this research code was documented, tested and a manual prepared by Ian Townend and Adrian Wright at ABPmer. Version 1.3 was released as Open Source software available from the Estuary Guide web site. Further developments were undertaken to add additional elements and processes by Ian Townend, Jeremy Spearman, Kate Rossington and Michiel Knappen at HR Wallingford. This version has an Object Oriented design and was developed by Ian Townend at CoastalSEA in 2016.
The code is written in Matlab™ and provided as Open Source code (issued under a GNU General Public License). Routing within the model makes use of graph and directed graph functions which were introduced in Matlab 2015b. There are however several versions of these functions available from the Mathworks File Exchange, if there is a need to use an earlier version of Matlab.
The zip file contains the following:
Matlab code and supporting files, sample models, and user manual.
Key papers setting out the theoretical background to the model include:
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Further details are provided in the manual: