Brief summary
The CoastalTools package was developed in response to research being undertaken as part of the University of Southampton Engineering in the Coastal Environment Master’s degree. This routinely requires access and manipulation of the data held by the Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO) and others as a starting point for further research. Whilst the data held is well documented, with extensive supporting meta-data, accessing the different file formats and making proper use of the quality control information, can be time consuming, thereby limiting the time that can be spent analysing the data. CoastalTools aims to address this by providing a framework for time series data analysis, with many of the formats that are in routine use in the UK provided for in the data loading tools. A number of models that use the measured data are also provided. These provide the ability to estimate near shore wave parameters and properties that describe how the beaches are changing over time. The models generally use simple algorithms to transform the data and are not intended to be a substitute for more detailed coastal process modelling. The focus is very much on providing a means to rapidly explore the data that is now available from the national archives.
The code is written in Matlab™ and provided as Open Source code (issued under a GNU General Public License). The following functions developed by others and obtained from the Matlab Exchange Forum or through personal contact are as follows: mat2clip.m – Copyright © 2009, The MathWorks, Inc.,  wind_rose.m – Copyright © 2009, M MA.,  peakseek.m – Copyright © 2010, Peter O’Connor,  polarplot3d.m – Copyright © 2016, Ken Garrard,  mgpdfit.m (requires statistics toolbox) – Copyright © 2015, Ivan Haigh
The zip file contains the following:
Matlab code and supporting files, sample data, licence agreements and user manual.
Data sources
Key sources of data that are used in this tool set include:
Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO)
British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)
The support provided during the development and testing by Travis Mason from the Channel Coastal Observatory, and Dr Ivan Haigh and Hachem Kassem from the University of Southampton are gratefully acknowledged.

For further details see the manual: