Update of toolboxes and Apps

Based on feedback for the first release of the toolboxes and Apps (March 2022), extensive updates and testing have been undertaken. Projects built with the previous version should work with the updated Apps, with he exception of ChannelForm and ModelSkill. These have been adapted to use generic grid handling tools and consequently are not backwards compatible. The tablr below summarises the main changes and further details can be found in the App specific manuals.

As ever, if you find issues with the new versions, do let us know and we will do our best to provide fixes or work-arounds.

dstoolboxMinor bug fixes
muitoolboxGeneral tidying up to add additional error traps and extend functionality of UI tools. Corrected error in peakovertheshold function. Added option to compute the Hurst exponent.
AsmitaAdded option to simulate Holocene sea level change and error traps for data input when exchanges have not been defined
CoastalToolsAdd maxima with defined separation interval to statistics peak selection method. References to Wave Energy changed to Wave Power.
ChannelFormModified to use a generic abstract class for handling grids and method for computing channel properties amended and range of properties that output extended. Handle of grid loading improved to allow user to adjust orientation of grid and/or axes. Added functions to manipulate and interrogate grids.
MRBreachExtended output to include elevations and velocities through the breach
ModelSkillModified to use a generic abstract class for handling grids
Summary of main changes is this release