WaveRayModel released

A new App has been added to the CoastalSEA suite of tools to perform wave ray tracing in forward and backward mode. This allows refraction of wave spectra from offshore to inshore locations. The ability to use the spectral transfer table from the WaveRayModel to carry out wave refraction has also been added to CoastalTools.

A number of bug fixes have been implemented in dstoolbox and muitoolbox as follows:

dstoolboxAdded function to remove rows and columns that are all zeros from 2/3D array
Corrected bug in ‘removerows‘ prevent method overwriting the source ‘dstable‘.
muitoolboxAdded code flag needed to allow large data sets to be saved.
Function library list updated for WaveRayModel App and added wave_scatter and wave_steepness functions.
Added option to concatenate multiple dstables when importing data sets.
Changed export prompt and option to only allow the selection of a single case.
Added function needed for some 3D surface plots.