Dynamic exchanges added to ASMITA

The ASMITA App update includes the following additions and fixes:

  • Added functions and scripts to run Asmita from the command line or in batch mode.
  • Added Unit testing for set of models that test the range of functionality available.
  • Added option to Time plots to use a pivot year to define the start point (y-value and time) for all lines included on plot.
  • Modified handling of saltmarsh equilibrium when water depth is zero and removed scaling to initial values for saltmarsh and storage elements.
  • Added option to use time-varying horizontal and vertical exchanges.
  • Added moving surface area to output variables (to view interventions).
  • Changed reporting of depths when volume or surface area are zero.
  • Updated unit tests and manual.

Some minor fixes have also been made to the muitoolbox as follows:

  • Error in check for model version number corrected in muiModelUI.
  • Correct bug in muiCatalogue.m when displaying case properties to catch tables and timeseries.
  • Option to suppress prompt added so that model runs in silent mode (e.g. in unit testing).
  • Fix call to Save and Save As when opening a new file.