Asmita saltmarsh options extended

The ASMITA App update includes the following additions and fixes:

  • Added option to use drift rate as basis of equilibrium for ‘Beachface’, ‘Shoreface’, ‘Spit’, ‘DeltaFlat’ type elements.
  • Improved handling of loops in drift definition to prevent infinite recursion.
  • Added option for edge and/or surface of saltmarsh to erode.
  • Added saltmarsh sensitivity plot to show how equilibrium depth varies as a function of sediment load and the rate of sea level rise, with the model settings in use.
  • Added option for interventions to be erodible or non-erodible.
  • Added option to scale the y-axis values when using a pivot plot.
  • Script available to update v3.3 models to v3.4 – contact me using

Some minor fixes have also been made to the muitoolbox as follows:

  • Added ‘Differences’ to plot scaling options.
  •  Added check when adding new variables to a plot that x-axis data are compatible.
  • Added trap when viewing case settings for multi-object vectors that cannot be displayed in the table.
  • Added function to access the model property data as a table (as displayed on tabs but returned as a table).
  • Option to reload a Case changed to copy input properties, so that the new settings are independent of the source Case.
  • Fixed error plotting animations to correctly plot surfaces and contour plots.