CoastalSEA Apps package refresh

All packages have been updated. In some cases the changes are minor and entail additional checks and improved documentation. The more substantive changes are listed below.


  • Updated function for simple_tide now used.
  • Utility to update models to latest version of code added.
  • Tool to plot multiple elements from PlotUI added.
  • Added matrix condition checks and option to display a summary plot during run time.
  • Added check that toolboxes are installed. Implemented checks when using Response tab.
  • Modified saltmarsh bio-enhanced settling and other limits on erosion to a common approach (ws=0). This includes a check that volume cannot be larger than element defining prism (SxH).


  • Added function to analyse cycles in tidal range data.
  • Modified handling of obliques waves near shore in the refraction model.
  • Corrected bug in nearshore wave model when using the surf zone depth option (NaN), causing function to misread the offshore depth.


  • Added check when adding row dimension to force a column vector


  • Updated templates in templates folder.
  • Corrected bug in saveanimation2file.
  • Added option to add reference line to Rose plots
  • Added option to edit DSproperties from the App UI.
  • Derive output options extended to work with multiple output variables.
  • Improvements to Stats and Edit UIs.
  • Modified inputUI so that input figure cannot be lost behind other windows when in use.