Toolboxes and selected Apps Updated

Some packages have been updated. In most cases the changes are minor and entail additional checks and improved documentation.


  • muitoolbox: Several checks added to catch incorrect returns. Added ¬†modifyVariableType, selectDataset and selectCaseDatasetvariable to muiCatalogue and functions to readspreadsheet and get_variable (for use in conjunction with selectui). Some minor enhancements to utilities and bug fixes.
  • dstoolbox: Minor enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Asmita: Re-wrote handling of fixity, and the way interventions that are fixed are handled. Modified Interventions tab to display incremental or cumulative change and added Figure button.
  • CoastalTools: Fixed bug using datetime format in ct_data_cleanup. Removed class ctBlueKenueData and replaced with ctModelData and format function bluekenue_ts_format.m. ¬†Added binned_wave_climate function.
  • CSTmodel: Restructured data format to hold along channel form in separate table. Added the decomposition of imported data to be directly comparable with CSTmodel output. New functions for this are cst_decompose_velocity and cst_phaselag. Help and manual updated, including documentation of the outputs.
  • ModelSkill: Changed call from getSubDomain to gd_subdomain in GDinterface and getUserTools.