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The links below are for previous legacy versions of the software that are no longer supported.

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SedTools App v1.0 1.01 1.37 MB 3 downloads
App to analyse settling column data …
ModelUI App v3.0 3.02 3.50 MB 4 downloads
Set of demonstration applications to illustrate use of muitoolbox …
ModelSkill App v2.0 2.01 3.14 MB 6 downloads
App to examine model performance using a Taylor Plot and Skill Score …
ChannelForm App v3.0 2.01 8.00 MB 5 downloads
App to model marine transgression of an estuary channel within a valley …
MRBreach App v3.0 3.01 1.39 MB 10 downloads
App to examine site hypsometry and design breaches for managed realignment sites …
Asmita App v3.0 3.02 3.66 MB 25 downloads
Morphological model for inlets and estuaries …
CSTmodel App v2.0 2.03 1.70 MB 4 downloads
Hydraulic model for convergent tidal-rivers …
CoastalTools App v3.0 3.03 7.48 MB 16 downloads
App to analyse coastal process data …
muitoolbox v1.0 1.04 1.20 MB 19 downloads
Toolbox to build bespoke model interfaces …
dstoolbox v1.0 1.03 373.35 KB 19 downloads
Toolbox for dstables and associated tools. …