Research &

Ongoing research and development includes:

  • Suite of Matlab apps developed, which can be downloaded below, including:
    • ASMITA – a model of long-term inlet dynamics that aggregates elements to examine long-term morphological change;
    • CoastalTools – a toolbox to examine coastal process data such as waves, water levels and beach profiles and carry out various modelling using the measured data as the main input. Provides for a wide range of data formats but in particular caters for data from the Channel Coastal Observatory;
    • ChannelForm – a kinematic model to study marine transgression of estuaries;
    • CSTmodel – a quasi-analytical hydraulic model of convergent tidal channels to estimate water levels under combined tide and river forcing.
    • ModelSkill – a toolbox to evaluate performance of timeseries predictions at a point, or gridded data sets, using Taylor plots and Skill Scores.
    • ModelUI – a demonstration pack to illustrate how to create bespoke user interfaces using the muitoolbox;
    • MRBreach – an App to investigate the hypsometry and design breaches for managed realignment sites;
    • SedTools – a toolbox to analyse and plot settling column data;
    • WaveRayModel – forward and backward ray tracing model to examine inshore wave spectra.
  • A model to decompose energy flux within an inlet or estuary and examine the variations in space and time.
  • An investigation of spit-delta dynamics and the switch between the two states;
  • Investigation of beach dynamics and the influence of storm clusters on beach recovery;
  • Tools to measure sediment properties over the surficial layer of the sea bed and tidal flat (top 1-2 metres);
  • Understanding the initial evolution of enclosed sites opened up to tidal inundation for managed realignment projects;
  • Improved basis for defining equilibrium of estuaries and inlets under stationary conditions.